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12 Inch Saw Blades

12 inch saw blade12 inch saw blade

12 Inch Saw Blades

Combination Saw Blade
Model # Description Sale Price
09-01206002 Altecnica 12" x 1" 60 Comb. $88.00
ATB Saw Blades
Model # Description Sale Price
11-01207202 Altecnica 12" x 1" 72 ATB $68.00
12F-48T Yans 12" x 1" 48 ATB Straight Line Rip $95.00
TC Saw Blade
Model # Description Sale Price
13-01207202 Altecnica 12" x 1" 72 TC $75.00
Mitre Saw Blade
Model # Description Sale Price
15-01208002 Altecnica 12" x 1" 80 ATB + R $83.50
100900 Leuco 12" x 1" 80 ATB + R $96.76

Combination Saw Blades:  Combination Saw blades are specially designed for ripping and cross-cutting in solid wood, plywood and particle board. The best solution where one blade can be used in different types of cutting.

ATB Saw Blades:  Alternate Top Bevel saw blades are designed for Universal application for cutting along and across the grain
in solid wood and board materials.

HA-ATB: For fine cuts in laminated board materials on both sides with melamine, formica, veneer, etc. Alsu great on table saws without scoring unit, vertical panel sizing saws, radial arm saws, & mitre-and chop saws. Extra hard sub-micro grain carbide tips for long edge life.

TC Saw Blades: Triple Chips saw blades are designed for the best sizing and finishing; cuts in plywood, veneer, plastic laminated board material, on table saws and vertical sizing saws.

TC Neg:  The best option for chip-free top and bottom, cuts in double sided materials such as melamine, double faced high and low pressure laminates. To use in radial or table saws.

Mitre Saw Blades:  Mitre Saw Blades are designed for smooth cuts on wood moldings and for the least possible grabbing of materials.

leuco saw blades

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12 inch saw blade

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