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Sliding Table Saws

altendorf sliding table saw

F45 Series

WA Series

altendorf f45 sliding table saw altendorf sliding table saw

Today, Altendorf is the #1 seller of sliders in the world. All models of Altendorf sliding table saws deliver the utlimate in accuracy and consistency of cut. 

The WA series of Altendorf SlidersTM target the entry-level market. These sturdy machines are equipped with perfected, vertical guidance for accurate, square cuts over the full cutting length. They are torsion-resistant and inherently stable, providing smooth movement regardless of workload weight.

The F-45 series of Altendorf SlidersTM were designed to be a blend of innovation, dependability and quality. For an Altendorf user, that means the first cut delivers the quality and precision required for the final chip-free cut, regardless of material, including solid wood, plastics, and non-ferrous metals.