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Moulder Heads

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Moulder Heads

Global Tooling dual hook moulder heads are the best choice for custom millwork producers who need the flexibility to handle any job at a moments notice without having to stock many different cutter-heads. Featuring high alloy strong tool steel body for greater tool life and deeper knife pockets to allow wider and thicker steel to be used for additional resharpenings. Great with Kentwood, Weinig, Wadkin, SCMI, IIDA, Leadermac, Woodmizer, Silver, & other mid-sized moulder models.

Dual Hook Moulder Heads 4 Knife
Model # Description Sale Price
MH-137-4-50D Global 50mm 1-13/16" Bore  $153.00
MH-137-4-60D Global 60mm 1-13/16" Bore  $174.00
MH-137-4-100D Global 100mm 1-13/16" Bore  $245.00
MH-137-4-130D Global 130mm 1-13/16" Bore $303.00
MH-137-4-150D Global 150mm 1-13/16" Bore $346.00
MH-137-4-180D Global 180mm 1-13/16" Bore $405.00
MH-137-4-230D Global 230mm 1-13/16" Bore $520.00
MH-122-4-50D1.5 Global 50mm 1-1/2" Bore  $153.00
MH-122-4-50D Global 50mm 40mm" Bore  $153.00
MH-122-4-60D1.5 Global 60mm 1-1/2" Bore  $174.00
MH-122-4-100D1.5 Global 100mm 1-1/2" Bore  $185.00
MH-122-4-130D1.5 Global 130mm 1-1/2" Bore $246.00
MH-122-4-150D1.5 Global 150mm 1-1/2" Bore $285.00
MH-122-4-180D1.5 Global 180mm 1-1/2" Bore $337.00
MH-122-4-230D1.5 Global 230mm 1-1/2" Bore $415.00

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*Contact us for models not listed.