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Moulder Knives

Moulder Knives

moulder knives

Titan Knife Moulder Knives are manufactured for precision and quality in a variety of steel grades and sizes suited for your specific application. 

moulder knives

M2-HSS Black Nitride V2+RW
6200-5/16 1-1/2" $69.00 SCB31150 1-1/2" $78.00 SCV2-31150D 1-1/2" $73.00
6200-5/16 1-3/4" $74.00 SCB31175 1-3/4" $84.00 SCV2-31175D 1-3/4" $82.00
6200-5/16 2" $80.00 SCB31200 2" $94.00 SCV2-31200D 2" $91.50
6200-5/16 2-1/4" $83.00 SCB31225 2-1/4" $104.00 SCV2-31225D 2-1/4" $100.00
6200-5/16 2-1/2" $86.00 SCB31250 2-1/2" $116.00 SCV2-31250D 2-1/2" $109.50
6200-5/16 2-3/4" $95.00 SCB31275 2-3/4" $139.00 SCV2-31275D 2-3/4"" $132.50
6200-5/16 3" $108.00 SCB31300 3" $153.00 SCV2-31300D 3" $158.00

M2-HSS - 6% Tungsten and 5% Moly: M2 is the most commonly used moulder steel for wood cutting.  M2 is hardened to 63 Rc for better wear resistance in harder materials.  Great for long runs in softwoods and most moderate hardwoods.

Black Nitride - Our HSS Black Nitride Moulder Steel offers up to 100% longer run times than standard M2-HSS.  Adding pure carbon to the top surface of the moulder knife case hardens the cutting edge .001" deep to 72 Rc for longer wear life.  Next we treat the surface of the steel with a dark black oxide to reduce pitch build up and eliminate rust.  Great for cutting tough hardwoods and long production runs.

V2+RW - For the ultimate value and long tool life you have to try our RW coated moulder knives.  By applying the hard long wearing diamond dust chrome coating to the face of V2-HSS you can increase wear life 100% at a small additional cost.  Our RW coating offers a 72 Rc hardness to the cutting edge which increases wear life without increasing your grinding time.  This line of moulder steel is great for most hardwoods and can triple tool life in wet woods that contain tannic acids (oak, cedar, redwood).