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Dodds Dovetailers - Single Spindle

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Brand: Dodds

Dodds Single Spindle Single End Dovetail Machines

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Built in the U.S.A since 1882, Dodds Dovetail Machines are the result of over 100 years of continual improvement.

DODDS single spindle dovetailers are available in a variety of options to match your drawer construction needs, always producing excellent, “handcrafted” quality. Find the right Dodds Dovetail Machine for you, whether it be a basic machine or an automated cnc dovetailer.

Model Options:

SE-1A Single Spindle Single End - For custom or low volume manufacturers who need quality without high volumes

SE-1-AFA Single Spindle Single End - Includes servo-motors to control the automatic feed for manufacturing standard English dovetails on 1 or 2 inch centerlines.

SE-1-25AF Single Spindle CNC Single End - Entry level CNC dovetailer featuring a 25 inch capacity and high frequency motor

SE-1CNC-D-PS Single Spindle CNC Single End - Programmable mortise side stops helps custom manufacturers produce a variety of construction types. Produce 40-80 drawers an hour.

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