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HP-11P Blue Steel Horizontal Band Resaw

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Brand: Blue Steel

Blue Steel HP-11P Horizontal Band Resaw

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For wood shops looking for an accurate resaw solution for high production, the 12" Blue Steel HP-11P Horizontal Band Resaw is the perfect match. The Blue Steel HP-11P Band Resaw has the following features that most Horizontal Bandsaws do not have:

  • Motor Powered Elevation Controls
  • Digital Controls for Accurate Height Positioning
  • Hydraulic Cylinder-Controlled Automatic Blade Tensioning
  • Hydraulic Motor-Driven Variable Speed Feeding
  • Air Pressurized Roller for Firm Hold-Down

The HP-11P is the most popular Horizontal Bandsaw, but we also offer other options with more basic features.

This resaw is 3PH 220V. Contact us if a different voltage is needed.


Max. workpiece size (WxH)

300x250 mm (12”x 10”)

Distance from blade conveyor table

3-125 mm

Conveyor belt size

285 x 5480 mm( 11-1/5"x215 3/4")

Saw wheel diameter

Ø28” x 1” (W)

Feed speed

5 to 25 m/min

Saw blade size (LxWxT)

4265 x 27 x 0.90mm (168” x 1”)

Saw wheel motor

20 HP

Hydraulic system motor

3 HP

Gear box motor

¼ HP

Dust hood diameter


Net weight

2,200 lbs

Packing dimensions




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