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Professional 3HP SawStop - 10" Tablesaw 1PH 230V

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Product Details
Brand: SawStop

SawStop Professional Table Saw - 3 Horsepower

Along with great quality, SawStop Table Saws are engineered to ensure operators never lose or injure a finger. SawStop's sensor technology immediately stops the saw blade in less than 5 milliseconds when skin comes in contact with it, saving countless fingers. Not only does SawStop save fingers, it saves owners countless hours and money due to workplace injuries. Whether you are a large or small shop, find a variety of SawStop Table Saws to meet your needs.

SawStop's Professional series saws are available in 3 different fence options: 30" Premium, 36" T-Glide, and 52" T-Glide

Electrical Options:

1PH 230V

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