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Brand: TigerStop

Available in a variety of lengths, automate your upcut and chop saw operations with a TigerStop positioning system that can work as a stop, pusher, and puller. TigerStop automatic stop/pusher positioning systems eliminate the need for a tape measure. Experience quick and accurate cuts on a chop saw or upcut saw and further increase your efficiency by running cut-lists from a usb. TigerStop can push up to 120 lbs with optional roller tables and cuts within .004" every time.

• Can be used on the left or right side of your saw
• Includes Standard Interconnect Kit (SIK) for semi-automatic operation to communicate with your machine
• Includes Standard Mini Gangstop Pusher Foot
• Add flat or roller tables to your TigerStop for a more convenient operation

• Add a tablet package to quickly run cut lists and operate your TigerStop

How is the TigerStop different than the SawGear?

The TigerStop system is heavier duty, can push material (not just stop), and can have cut-lists downloaded into it. It can also be upgraded for bar code scanning and to integrate with more of your systems.

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