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How a Closet Shop Eliminated Touch Ups for Edge Banding

Updated: Aug 27, 2019


A high-end 10-man closet manufacturer in Southern Utah prides itself with quality work and their customers expect great quality in return. To achieve this quality, they cut out their parts on a Holzma Beam Saw, Weeke Vantech CNC Router, and drill and dowel on a Homag ABD. However, edgebanding was an area of concern for the shop owner.

The Problem

Edgebanding operations were too labor intensive, creating a bottleneck. After a part was ran through the edgebander, additional touch-ups were required to meet quality standards. The additional time spent on touch-ups averaged more than two hours per day.

Poor Edgebanding Quality

The Solution

After consulting with Ron Johnson of AMS, an edgebander with zero-edge (glue-line)

technology was proposed and their edgebander was replaced with a Homag Ambition 1440 Edgebander equipped with AirTec & Jump Grooving.

AirTec Edgebander

The Result

The Homag Ambition 1440 Edgebander with AirTec & Jump Grooving produced an edge with excellent quality that exceeded customer expectations without any further hand cleaning or filing. Along with the improved quality, the bottleneck in edgebanding operations was eliminated, freeing up more than 10 hours per week for employees to spend time on value-added tasks.

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