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Heesemann HSM 2 Widebelt Orbital Sander - Kaysville

Updated: Sep 22, 2020

Model: Heesemann HSM 2 Widebelt Sander

How it helps this cabinet shop: Both heads are equipped with Heesemann’s new Rotating Planetary Sanding Unit. This is ideal for cabinet shops looking to break edges of cabinet doors prior to applying the first coat of finish. After the first coat has been applied and dried, the door is brought back to the machine for scuff/sealer sanding. The operator said it use to take them 1-1/2 hours with 4 employees to do what the machine can now do in 15 minutes with 2 operators. A great compliment to any shop needing to get more efficient in the sanding department.

Install Date: September - 2019

Location: Kaysville, Utah

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