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HOMAG Sandteq W-300 Widebelt Sander - Utah County

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Model: HOMAG Sandteq W-300 SWT 335 RRH Sander

Install Date: August, 2020

Location: Utah County, UT


This high end kitchen cabinet manufacturer will use this new Homag Sander to sand kitchen cabinet doors, panels, and veneers. The Homag 335 RRH is equipped with 3 sanding heads. The 3rd head has a Chevron Belt with a Magnetic Segmented Pad System which is ideal for breaking up cross grain scratches and controlling the pressure of the pad. This machine is ideal for calibration sanding, fine solid wood sanding, veneer sanding, and sealer sanding - The perfect solution for kitchen cabinet shops needing versatility and quality!

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